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 Version 1.03

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PostSubject: Version 1.03   Thu Sep 30, 2010 5:26 pm

Frost Guard now has a 16% for heroes and 8% chance for creeps to activate (16% before) and now deals 50 + 25 dmg instead of 75 + 50. The search area is now 300 (old 400) and nova damage area is now 80 instead of 200.

Fixed Arena Bug
Fixed Stash's being placed on wrong places
Fixed a bug with counting alive players
Fixed the fountain not attacking entering units
Spent alot of time to fix the boss units spells to perfection Smile

Added Abilities
Nether Chains

Other Changes
Added a new shop and re-arranged items and recipies
Changed the recepie shops models to units
Renamed Shops to clarify even more what they sell
Added hints
Fixer round sounds to play the right sound

A fast update since I heard people were still having problems with a bug. Next version will have more new items and abilities and be more balanced.

Download Here
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Version 1.03
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